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Sunday, July 06, 2014

The green alga

There, I finally finished it. A painting that has taken me forever to make. Acrylic on canvas.

I've tried to be very specific about the storyline in this picture.
It shows an old human ruin taken over and inhabited by animals. In the background you'll see the past where the planet was roamed by the dinosaurs. In the water a fish that transforms into tiktaalik on the stairs that eventually transforms into a four legged creature that can walk on land and then ascent the stairs into the biological evolution in life. It developed into a human, but the human, which eventually developed into a very complex way of life died out because of their own stubbornness, and was then defeated by nature that once again would take back the reign of the earth.
On the top of the stairs you'll see the lion king, king of the animals. He is centered in the picture and there are lines from the plants, the butterflies and some of the animals that point toward him as if to draw your attention toward him. But in fact it is not he who is the essential main element of this picture - it is the thing that he guards and protect: the source from which life appeared: the green alga right next to him.


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